Maximum Number of Positions: 12
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (5), Male (6)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (45%), Male (55%)
Notes: On the 23rd of July each year, two members of the board (other than the chair and the chief executive officer) shall retire from office. The members to retire shall be those who have been longest in office since their most recent appointment.

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Clare Dunne 10/10/2012 01/07/2015 Board Member Ministerial - Dept Rep (Asst Sec). Appointed on basis of office held.
Colum Horgan 15/10/2012 10/07/2017 Board Member Ministerial on Application
David Shanahan 23/10/2015 Board Member PAS process
Elaine Coughlan 12/05/2014 Board Member Ministerial
Geoff Meagher 15/10/2012 10/07/2017 Board Member Ministerial on Application
Helen Ryan 26/03/2014 10/07/2017 Board Member Ministerial
John McMahon 26/03/2014 10/07/2017 Board Member Originally PAS process
Julie Sinnamon 29/08/2013 Board Member CEO
Lisa Dillon 17/11/2015 Board Member PAS process
Patrick Flynn 08/07/2014 Board Member Ministerial
Terence O’Rourke 29/08/2013 31/07/2018 Chair Ministerial. Ex officio