Maximum Number of Positions: 13
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (4), Male (9)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (31%), Male (69%)

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Brendan McGinty 08/09/2004 Chair IBEC nominee
David Delaney 12/02/2015 Board Member Non-statutory Aegis body
Eamonn Devoy 08/12/2011 Board Member ICTU nominee
George Hennessy 04/02/2010 Board Member Construction Industry Federation
Henry Murdoch 01/02/1999 Board Member Retired, Ministerial nominee
Ian Talbot 11/09/2008 Board Member Chambers Ireland
Kara McCann 15/02/2015 Board Member Non-statutory Aegis body
Karl McDonagh 08/12/2011 Board Member IBEC nominee
Mairead Divilly 01/02/1999 Board Member SFA nominee
Margaret McCarthy 03/09/2015 Board Member Non-statutory - exemption Aegis body
Nuala Keher 01/02/1999 Board Member Lionra, ICTU nominee
Peter Rigney 01/02/1999 Board Member ICTU employee and nominee
Terry Hobdell 01/02/1999 Board Member Businessman. Ministerial nominee