Science Foundation Ireland

Maximum Number of Positions: 12
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (4), Male (6)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (40%), Male (60%)
Notes: On the 24th of July each year, the two longest-serving members of the board shall retire. No member may serve for more than ten years in succession.

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Aidan Donnelly 05/12/2013 17/06/2021 04/12/2023 Ordinary Member Appointed by Minister on foot of first appointment via PAS
Ann Leen (Prof.) 10/09/2020 09/09/2030 Ordinary Member PAS Process
Brendan Harte 17/12/2019 16/12/2029 Ordinary Member PAS Process
Cliona Murphy 10/09/2020 09/09/2030 Ordinary Member PAS Process
Declan Hughes 05/04/2022 04/04/2032 Ordinary Member Nominated by the Minister of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment
Grainne McAleese 25/10/2018 01/04/2022 24/10/2028 Ordinary Member PAS Process
Liam Madden (Prof.) 31/01/2013 17/06/2021 30/01/2023 Ordinary Member Ministerial appointment
Maire Geoghegan-Quinn 11/04/2018 01/04/2022 10/04/2028 Ordinary Member PAS Process
Peter Clinch (Prof) 01/08/2019 31/07/2029 Chairperson PAS Process
Philip Nolan (Prof.) 17/01/2022 16/01/2027 Ex Officio Director General of SFI Ex Officio Director General of SFI
Vacancy Ordinary Member
Vacancy Ordinary Member