Judicial Appointments Advisory Board

Maximum Number of Positions: 11
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (3), Male (6)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (33%), Male (67%)

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Eleanor O'Higgins (Dr.) 01/09/2015 06/06/2023 06/06/2024 Board Member Ministerial Appointment
John Shaw 21/01/2014 21/01/2021 20/01/2023 Board Member Nominee of the Law Society
Rossa Fanning SC 17/12/2022 Board Member Attorney General - Ex officio
Sarah Phelan SC 12/09/2022 11/09/2023 Board Member Nominee of the Bar Council
The Hon. Mr Justice Donal O'Donnell 11/10/2021 Chair
The Hon. Mr. Justice David Barniville 15/07/2022 Board Member Ex officio
The Hon. Mr. Justice George Birmingham 28/05/2018 Board Member Ex-officio
The Hon. Mr. Justice Paul Kelly 16/03/2021 Board Member Ex officio
The Hon. Ms Patricia Ryan 13/07/2019 Board Member Ex-officio
Vacancy 06/12/2021 Board Member
Vacancy Board member