Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board

Maximum Number of Positions: 4
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (3), Male (1)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (75%), Male (25%)
Notes: The Review Board shall consist of a chairperson and such number of members as the Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Health and Children, may from time to time as the occasion requires appoint. The Review Board shall have as an ordinary member, at least one approved medical officer. The chairperson shall have had not less than 10 years’ experience as a practising barrister or practising solicitor ending immediately before his or her appointment or shall be a judge of or former judge of the Circuit Court, High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Dr. Katherine Brown 01/05/2017 01/05/2022 30/04/2027 Board Member Ministerial
Elizabeth Walsh (Dr.) 16/01/2013 16/01/2023 15/01/2028 Board Member Ministerial
Nora McGarry 27/09/2011 26/09/2021 25/09/2026 Board Member Ministerial
The Hon. Mr. Justice Iarfhlaith O'Neill 24/09/2014 24/09/2019 23/09/2024 Chair Ministerial