Legal basis: Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004, s. 36
Maximum Number of Positions: 9
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (3), Male (6)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (33%), Male (67%)
Notes: At least two board members should have either or both civil service and other public service experience and knowledge which the Minister considers relevant, and at least two members should have expertise in human resource management, customer service and recruitment outside the public service which the Minister considers relevant.

Name First Appointed Reappointed Expiry Date Position type Basis of appointment
Anne Marie Taylor 09/10/2014 08/10/2020 Board Member PAS Process
Damien McCallion 01/07/2015 01/07/2018 Board Member External Nomination
David Cagney 22/09/2015 22/09/2018 Board Member Exception Section 9.1.8
Eddie Molloy (Dr.) 01/09/2011 09/10/2014 08/10/2020 Board Member
Fiona Tierney 20/03/2012 Board Member Ex officio. CEO of PAS
John O'Callaghan 12/02/2018 12/02/2021 Board Member Nominee of the Minister for Justice & Equality
Mary Connaughton 12/03/2018 12/02/2021 Board Member PAS Process
Paul Lemass 09/10/2014 08/10/2020 Board Member Nominee of the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government
Tom Moran 12/03/2018 12/02/2021 Chair PAS Process